Travel Oregon Seven Wonders campaignA major media program, the Travel Oregon Seven Wonders Campaign, was just announced. While they don’t list Oregon wine country as one of the wonders (!!) you can use the advertising and resources of this campaign to promote your winery.

If your winery is not near one of the seven wonders, the advertising push of the campaign will still draw interest to Oregon and especially to the Travel Oregon website, where your winery is listed. The Wonders are: The Coast, The Columbia River Gorge, Mt Hood, The Painted Hills, Smith Rock, The Wallowas and Crater Lake.

If your winery is in the Columbia Gorge, you can download this video about the Gorge and add it to your website plus post it on your Facebook page. I like the shortness of it – at 30 seconds it is doesn’t slow down page load time and will appeal to viewers with a short attention span.

Here is the overall Seven Wonders video:

Improve Your Travel Oregon Page Most Oregon wineries are listed on the Travel Oregon site but many of your pages are minimal. You can add content, both text and images, by emailing them to The contact person is Katy Clair, 917-717-6181. When adding content to your listing on Travel Oregon, you must send images sized at 1024 by 768 at 72dpi. They can handle jpg, gif and png formats.

Here is the Adelsheim page on Travel Oregon:

Travel Oregon Adelsheim page

Adelsheim has edited the text and includes a link to their “Experiences” page where they list tasting room, tours, curated tastings, and food and wine tasting luncheons among their features. While there is an image at the bottom right, additional images illustrating their “Experiences” could be added by sending them to Travel Oregon. How does your winery look on Travel Oregon? Search for your listing here.

Travel Oregon’s Winery Coverage

Wine is not a primary focus on the homepage of the Travel Oregon website. The link to Travel Oregon’s winery section is at the end of the submenu under “See Do”  > “Food and Drink.” Once you find the section it is quite nice and features five wineries of the 252 listed. There is an option to locate wineries by name or region. It would be nice to find out how they select the five featured wineries and get yourself listed there!

The Campaign Schedule

Here is a copy of the Campaign schedule for the Seven Wonders campaign – might make sense to plan some of your Facebook updates around this calendar, and the information about each wonder on their website would make a high quality blog post on your site.

Media campaign calendar Oregon Seven Wonders

Their social media campaign calendar is here:

Travel Oregon social media calendar

For more information and resources,  try these pages: Social Media, a wealth of articles and images, and the overall campaign home page.

 I’d love to help you use the Seven Wonders campaign to enhance your presence on the web and drive customers to your tasting room and wine club. Give me a call or email and let’s talk. – Jean