Annual Marketing Checkup

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Annual Winery Marketing Checkup

The Annual Marketing Checkup looks for ways to increase your direct digital sales.

  • Your search visibility – mobile and web
  • Your website and Google
  • Your marketing email campaigns
  • Your wine club compared to top five
  • Your social media presence
  • Prioritized do list of opportunities
  • Kudos for all your great work so far!

The report includes recommendations and suggested action items. A phone or in-person presentation of the Checkup is included as part of the service

google winery searchYour Search Visibility
Do you have online visibility? How about on cell phone apps and directories like Google Places, Yelp, Foursquare, and Citysearch? We’ll check your winery presence on search engines, national and regional wine resource listings, and industry directories. And you get lots of screenshots so you can really see what your winery looks like to the public on search engines, browsers, and mobile phones.

Website responsive design






Your Website and Google
What improvements can you make to your website’s technology to increase your visibility on Google? We’ll check your meta tags, keyword usage, links, and content against Google’s recommendations for getting to the top search engine positions.

How does your wine club compare to your competitors?
We’ll compare your Wine Club, emails, website, social sites, and press to other wineries and to established best practices. What does your Wine Club have that others miss? Are your prices and offers competitive? What about shipping? There are some great ideas to be gained from other wineries in Oregon and across the world – let’s grab them and adapt them to your needs.

Oregon Wine Club Comparison: Top Five Wineries

Oregon Wine Club comparison

Your Marketing Email Campaigns
Are your marketing emails clicked on and read? How could you increase sales from email campaigns? We’ll compare yours to the most successful campaigns and give you pictures of what works, and what could use some changes. List segmentation, email topics, and scheduling evaluations are included.

Your Social Media Presence
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc etc. We’ll compare your social sites, and the ways you use them, to those of wineries that successfully increase visitors, build wine club loyalty and retention, and sell wine via their social campaigns.

Your Opportunities
We’ll identify specific actions you can take to improve sales and build customer loyalty. They include:

  • How to get customers to the “buy” button with simple changes to website and email design and content.
  • Changes and tools to improve search engine visibility.
  • Opportunities to expand your wine club and encourage reorders and annual renewals.
  • How to change your Facebook and other social pages to make sales.
  • Mobile apps that tourists use and how to be a part of them.
  • What you are doing best: identifying and expanding your strengths. Kudos!

Let’s sell more Oregon wine!

Annual Marketing Checkup
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