On Thursday, October 30th, 2014 winemakers from Oregon’s Willamette Valley gathered to add fifteen people to the Oregon Wine Walk of Fame at Ponzi Vineyards’ Dundee Bistro. Emceed by Maria Ponzi, the event recognized those who have significantly contributed to the success of the Oregon wine industry. The honorees received a plaque on the Dundee Bistro’s “Oregon Wine Walk of Fame” and the loving recognition of their peers.

The event was a rare opportunity for many of Oregon’s iconic winemakers to get together, catch up and compare notes on the brand new 2014 vintage. With the spirit of a family reunion, winemakers from 20 to 90 years old joined to honor those whose hard work was key to Oregon wines’ success.

below, left to right, Allen Holstein, Leigh Bartholomew, Pat Dudley, Deb Hatcher, Rollin Soles, Greg McClellan, Mark Vlosak, Maria Ponzi


The Honorees

Back row: Eric Hamacher, Mark Vlosak, Tom Elliot, Allen Holstein, Joe and Pat Campbell
Front row: .Terry Sherwood, Joel  Myers, Maria Stuart, Jim Maresh
Not present: Ed King, Karen Hinsdale



Maria Ponzi, Moderator, introduces Karen Hinsdale (not present)


Jim and Loie Maresh, Maresh Vineyard,  introduced by Dick Erath

Jim Maresh and wife Loie were honored. Jim was introduced by Dick Erath (right) old friend and fellow Dundee vineyard pioneer. Jim and Loie planted Maresh Vineyard, the oldest vineyard on Worden Hill Road, with Dick’s collaboration in 1970. While Loie has passed on, her spirit continues through her daughter Martha.



Jim Maresh accepts the award for himself and wife Loie while daughter Martha looks on.


Here’s a picture that Martha Maresh, Jim’s daughter, gave me of Loie and Dick looking at grape cuttings in the Maresh’s shed in 1969. The following spring the cuttings would become their four acres of newly planted vines, 1.5 acres of Riesling and 2.5 acres of Pinot noir.  I love the look on Loie’s face – a bit skeptical – “what have we gotten into?” maybe.



Pat and Joe Campbell, Elk Cove Vineyards, introduced by Harry Peterson-Nedry

Chehalem’s Harry Peterson-Nedry introduced Pat and Joe Campbell, Elk Cove Vineyards. In 1979, the Campbell’s 1978 Riesling won gold at several events, giving Oregon wine some of its first national accolades.


Pat and Joe planting their first vineyard in 1974.


Joe Campbell and Jim Maresh



Maria Stuart, R. Stuart Winery, introduced by Remy Drabkin


Maria Ponzi with Maria Stuart



Eric Hamacher, Carlton Winemakers Studio, Hamacher Wines introduced by Greg McClellan

Eric and wife Luisa Ponzi, with business partners Ned and Kirsten Lumpkin, built the Carlton Winemakers Studio. It was the first Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certified winery in the United States.



Photos of the Carlton Winemakers Studio under construction, 2002


Deb Hatcher, A to Z Wineworks and Rex Hill Vineyards, introduced Ed King




Mark Vlosak, St. Innocent Winery, introduced by Rollin Soles



Allen Holstein, introduced by Ted Casteel



Tom Elliot, Northwest Wines Ltd, introduced by Pat Dudley


Terry Sherwood, Davison Winery Supplies, introduced by Rob Stuart


Leigh Bartholomew, Dominio IV Winery introduces Joel Myers