How do you keep a customer happy when the tasting room is full and there’s a backlog of people waiting to get wine? If you are Trisaetum, you direct them to the art gallery, other wineries point to the view, but how about something that entertains, educates and sells more wine and merchandise? What’s your tasting room entertainment?

ipad for entertaining at winery

ipad magazine at Delta Airlines waiting area

NOT a wine app but something else on an ipad. Not designed to be downloaded onto the customer’s phone. There are some great wine apps out there, but I have something else in mind for my winery clients. Something that customers are drawn to like a slot machine, or a video game, or (happens all the time while they are tasting) texts on their phones.

If people in the tasting room are going to stare at little screens, why not stare at a screen that the winery controls? I want to build an ibook for my winery clients full of fun things to look at while the tasting bar person is busy and customers are standing at the back of the room waiting for their next pour.

It will have a digital guest book so customers are immediately engaged by signing in and leaving comments, beautiful photos, information about the wines, stories about the winery, the winemaker – lots of images, minimal text, maybe figure out an interactive game. And lots of fun ads for your wine club, tasting room tidbits to munch on while tasting, apparel, magnums, gift sets, etc etc.

This is not an original idea – I was inspired by the super numerous ipads in the waiting area of Delta Airlines in Minneapolis. They featured ads for the stores in the airport, restaurants, information about the city, its history, photo galleries, etc. And every ipad was in use when I was there.

Want to do it yourself? I’m checking out the Apple ibook Author App, free from Apple. It sure looks good on their info page. And since it sits on your winery’s ipad, you don’t have to worry about writing an app that works on all kinds of devices, is optimized for phones as well as computers, etc etc.

I’ll let you know how my experience with ibook Author goes.

– Jean