Googlepocalypse Hits

June 2015

Summer – wow – busy busy. Lots of opportunities to market in conjunction with associations, lots of event calendars.

And most important, Google is officially penalizing sites that are not easy to use on a mobile device. A website redesign is no longer optional if your website is not easy to use on a phone.

Google Announces SEO Change,
Penalizes Sites that are not Mobile Friendly

On a mobile phone, people looking at a winery site want readable content. And they want specific information. On the first page. They don’t use the page menu and wait for more pages to come up (slow) on a cell phone. Think about cell reception in wine country. Do you want to wait for pages to load to get to what you want?

Here’s a mobile web design that give the customer what they want.

And now one not so mobile friendly – can you imagine trying to find the address
and tasting room hours on this site while driving the curvy roads in the valley?

This time last year I was suggesting that you needed to get going with a new mobile friendly web design – ugh. But last year it was sort of optional – only about 54% of internet watching was on smartphones and mobile devices. It is now up to 78% according to one study I read recently.  And now the Googlepocalype.

After lots of warnings, Google announced that their new algorithm for determining your site’s position in search results will penalize your site if it is not designed for mobile devices. Here’s an article:

If you want to show up on Google, you need to go mobile. Not to mention that a website unreadable on a cell phone while driving through wine country is not going to help getting customers to your tasting room.

 Even if you think your site is “mobile friendly” you may need a redesign. Put the information your readers want to know right up front in a large enough font. Use minimal, very specific text and bigger images that are targeted at getting people into your tasting room. Use images that are taller than wide so the entire images shows up large enough to be seen. Those wide sliders that are so popular at the top of many websites are so tiny they are unreadable.

Remember that 90% of visitors to your site are only going to read the home page. And think about what a pain it is to go from page to page on a cell phone.

Make the first thing that comes up on the phone’s screen be what they want: directions, phone number, hours the tasting room is open, email address, information about events happening at the winery that day. Not a paragraph on how you are organic and have a LEED certified winery. Sorry, they don’t want that when they are on a mobile device. Just the facts, ma’am.

That’s the end of this month’s Jean-nag about the importance of websites that are super easy to use on a phone and give the customer what they want. And a little sales pitch – we can do a great job of redesigning your site to look good on a mobile device and bring in more customers – at a fair price.

Seven Tips for Wine Shipping Age Verification
from Wine Compliant

Well worth a read, even if you use a compliancy service.


Vinous Opens Call for Oregon Wines

Vinous has opened its call for Oregon wines. This call replaces the Stephen Tanzer International Wine Cellar call for wines as the publication was purchased by Vinous in 2014, though Josh Raynolds will still be the Oregon critic. However, for the first time ever, Josh will be reviewing all Oregon wines, not just Pinot noir.

If you would like to submit wines for review, please send two bottles if under cork and one if under Diam/synthetic/composite cork or screwcap with technical information on your wines to the address below by Jun. 1.

Josh Raynolds
12 Valley Ave.
Locust Valley, NY 11560

Submission form for Oregon Wine Board
Calendar of events for Oregon Wine Month.

Oregon Wine Board events page –

different from the Oregon Wine Month events page

Nice addition to your emails – doesn’t directly help you but demonstrates to your readers that there are goodies tucked into your emails that make them worth opening.

Oregon Dream Weekend Sweepstakes

Submit Photos from Your Winery to Oregon Wine Board’s Promotions Pages

Like You Don’t Have Enough Requests for Free Wine


ASEV Conference Coming to Portland in June
The American Society of Enology and Viticulture is holding its annual national conference in Portland Jun. 15-18. Formed in 1950 and originally composed of researchers from the University of California and California winemakers, ASEV currently has 2,200 members, 100 Industrial Affiliates (companies) and two chapters: an Eastern U.S. Chapter and the ASEV Japan Chapter. ASEV is looking for 10 – 12 cases of wine that showcase multiple producers and varieties of wine made throughout the state to be poured at two events during its conference. The first event is the Regional Wine Reception with poster session on Wed., Jun. 17. This opportunity will include the chance for winery representatives to pour and talk about their wines. The second event is the Student-Industry Mixer Reception on Thurs., Jun. 18. This reception does not require winery representatives pouring. It is expected that 200 attendees will be at each wine event. If you are interested in donating and participating in either opportunity, please contact Barbara Johns. Parking will be free for those who wish to donate.