Google Trends is a useful free tool for  exploring national and worldwide trends in google users’ activity. For Oregon’s larger wineries, trending data is available for ten years of search results.

We ran a few reports today to show you what you can do.

Report 1 

A comparison of some of Oregon’s most popular wineries. These searches are on one search term, the name of the winery. Other search terms might put the wineries in different order.

King Estate Winery in the South Willamette Valley showed the highest levels of interest in a ten year trend graph of five major Oregon wineries. Comparing Willamette Valley Vineyards, Sokol Blosser, A to Z Wineworks, Bethel Heights, and King Estate, It is not surprising that two of the largest wineries, King and WWV, showed significantly more searches – they are well established pioneers of Oregon wine. A to Z is now a very large and growing Oregon winery, but is primarily sold in retail shops. Perhaps if A to Z opens a tasting room in Oregon (the winery is in the midst of huge expansion in Newberg, Oregon) their overall interest level on Google will increase.

Small wineries, as a norm, don’t show in Google Trends as their search rate is too low. It is a mark of Bethel Heights’ popularity that data for them appeared in a GT analysis.

You can also see it as a pdf – easier to read.



Report 2

This report brings home the interest in “Pinot noir” while humbling Oregon wine producers by the relatively small comparative interest in “Oregon wine”. If you buy google ads, it emphasizes the efficiency of advertising for more specific search terms – while “Oregon Pinot noir” has a much lower search rate, the huge search rate for Pinot noir would swamp your budget as numerous searchers uninterested in Oregon Pinot clicked your ad.



Report 3

Google Trends in terms related to “Oregon wine”. Looks like “best” is a good keyword to optimize for in relation to an Oregon wine page. And “Portland” is a hot term, with interest in Portland wineries steady and growing.

google-trends-search-trending-keywordsGoogle Trends is worth a try.