If you are like most Oregon wineries, you make the vast bulk of your profits from Tasting Room and Wine Club sales. We are always looking for resources for tasting room managers and winery owners to maximize sales and keep up with the trends in tasting room marketing across the country. Here are some incredibly useful tools.

1. Silicon Valley Bank’s 2017 Tasting Room Report

Fascinating report chock full of trends in tasting room sales, focused on California but great ideas for Oregon wineries.  Download the Webinar slide show.



2. How the Big Guns Do Digital Social Wine Marketing

Wine giant Constellation Brands spent lots of money for wine industry market research, and here it is for free. Use it to get a better sense of how social marketing works.

Most Powerpoint presentations put me to sleep but not this one. It is an insightful video summarizing their huge digital marketing push.

Constellation defines their customer with interesting statistics, then focus on how they coordinate marketing efforts across smartphones, online review sites, Facebook, Twitter, and multiple websites. Amazing statistics on the impact of digital marketing on consumer wine sales. Useful information.

3. Marketing Case Study:
Using the “Hip Factor” Of  A New Tasting Room
Facebook Plus PR
Make News, Sales

How to turn a relatively mundane event at your winery into customer attention and sales.
Banshee Wines used the “hip factor” of their new tasting room to attract media attention and bring followers back to their Facebook page over a three month campaign. The quality of the images makes the difference – consistent style, interesting objects, a blend of people, graphics, still life. From the posted images they created a photo album that continues to tell the story and attract eyes. Smart use of resources – and it targets millennials as well as  the usual older demographic.

The San Jose Mercury published an article about the decor and ambiance of the tasting room:

Banshee Wines

“Evolution of a Tasting Room”
– the Banshee photo album on their Facebook page.


A particularly evocative image from the album:

Banshee Winery tasting room


4. Free Information on Winery Social Marketing:
VinTank’s Social Media Index

Andrew Kamphuis clearly hasn’t slept since 1985. He is the entrepeneur behind Wine Direct, Vin65, Cruvee, and VinTank, among other marketing companies. All of his properties focus on digital sales and marketing of wine: his Vin65 offers an e-commerce system, Wine Direct is shipping, and Cruvee and Vin Tank are social connection and market research sites.

Kamphuis’s VinTank publishes a remarkable report called the Winery Social Media Index – a list of the top 50 wineries based on the effectiveness of their social presence, measured by Facebook and Twitter activities. This quality of data is usually very expensive to obtain, and it is remarkable that he makes it available without a subscription.

One Oregon winery is almost always in the Top 50, month after month: Naked Winery. They are a phenomenon, outperforming wineries 100 times their size. Click on the image below and look for Naked, number 28 on July 29, 2014 when this article was written.

VIntank social metrics


5. Diretory of Many, Many Wine Bloggers

Wine Business Monthly has an up to date online directory of wine blogs. A search on the word “Oregon” yields 211 results.

In the new world of publishing, wine bloggers are read and influence sales. Some have loyal followers in the tens of thousands and their positive review of your wine can have a sizable impact on sales.

Use this free resource and select those most likely to write about you. Send them press releases, sample bottles, invitations to trade events, and most importantly, comment on their posts.

Wine Business Blog List

That’s it for now – and as always, I’m here ready to help Oregon wineries Sell More Wine Direct To Consumers!

– Jean