Google Trends: Useful Tool for Oregon Wineries

Google Trends is a useful free tool for exploring national and worldwide trends in google users' activity. For Oregon's larger wineries, trending data is available for ten years of search results. We ran a few reports today to show you what you can do.

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Your Wines On Top: 3 Factors for Web Visibility

Your winery may be doing just fine on the web. After all, isn't your winery first when you type in your name on startpage.com?

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Oregon Winery Annual Marketing Checkup

Annual Marketing Checkup Hire Us to: Identify Opportunities, Avoid Costly Mistakes Custom Consult & Report for Your Winery The Annual Marketing Checkup looks for ways to increase your direct digital sales. Your search visibility - mobile and web Your website and Google Your marketing email campaigns Your wine club compared to top five Your social

Bye Bye Twitter? Facebook for Businesses Reconsidered

Twitter is becoming less effective for business. Yes it still dominates the 24 hour news cycle for celebrities and trends like #halloween, #worldseries, #blueivy etc. Not so much for business anymore. The company is shedding employees, the top management is in turmoil, and the “instant” factor that made their business is being taken over by services like Instagram and Snapchat. So what are the alternatives for getting seen online?

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TTB’s Restrictions on Wineries and Social Media

by Judy Parker, winemakerslawyer.com Before you jump on twitter or Facebook to talk about your favorite wines, make sure you’re compliant with the TTB’s restrictions on social media. Federal law prohibits advertisements of wine, spirits, and beer from deceiving consumers by using misleading statements (whether false or not) and requires that advertising contain adequate

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New Look for Your Winery Twitter Page

Twitter is rolling out a new look for your winery Twitter page, and it is very reminiscent of Facebook. Here's what I woke up to this morning - completely different from yesterday's format. What does your winery page look like? Twitter is rolling this out gradually so yours may not have changed, but if it

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Number One Fix: Google Winery Visibility

The more places your winery is seen online, the more wine you sell. Showing up at the top for your own name and slight variations of it is a valuable tool in making sales online. Your name showing up at the top of search results is your Number One fix to increase your winery visibility

Five Incredibly Useful Tasting Room Resources

If you are like most Oregon wineries, you make the vast bulk of your profits from Tasting Room and Wine Club sales. We are always looking for resources for tasting room managers and winery owners to maximize sales and keep up with the trends in tasting room marketing across the country. Here are some incredibly useful

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