Calls to Action (CTA’s)

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Bye Bye Twitter? Facebook for Businesses Reconsidered

Twitter is becoming less effective for business. Yes it still dominates the 24 hour news cycle for celebrities and trends like #halloween, #worldseries, #blueivy etc. Not so much for business anymore. The company is shedding employees, the top management is in turmoil, and the “instant” factor that made their business is being taken over by services like Instagram and Snapchat. So what are the alternatives for getting seen online?

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Googlepocalypse, Wine Marketing News

Googlepocalypse Hits June 2015 Summer - wow - busy busy. Lots of opportunities to market in conjunction with associations, lots of event calendars. And most important, Google is officially penalizing sites that are not easy to use on a mobile device. A website redesign is no longer optional if your website is not easy to use

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