Two Takeaways from the Oregon Wine Symposium

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The Second Annual Oregon Chardonnay Symposium

Bringing well-deserved attention to Oregon Chardonnay, the second annual Oregon Chardonnay Symposium was held on May 4th, 2013 in the heart of the Dundee Hills AVA. Participants tasted with eight Oregon winemakers while wine writer Katherine Cole moderated. The discussion centered around the question of an "Oregon style" and explored the eight signature styles of

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Oregon Pinot Gris

In the New York Times, Eric Asimov said: "Oregon pinot gris is one of the least-talked-about, best-value wines on the market today." We agree. He concludes his article by summing up that "you would be hard-pressed to find other American white wines with as much character in this price range." Asimov's article presses the point

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Oregon Chardonnay Celebration: Canada Competes

above, tasting at Oregon Chardonnay Celebration 2015 © Jean Yates Inc.  The word is out. Oregon Chardonnay is the next big thing. Great news. So how does that translate to winery sales, and most importantly, to profit? And how does the Oregon Chardonnay Celebration compete with the branding efforts of other regions, specifically, Canada's British Columbia? Oregon

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Google Trends: Useful Tool for Oregon Wineries

Google Trends is a useful free tool for exploring national and worldwide trends in google users' activity. For Oregon's larger wineries, trending data is available for ten years of search results. We ran a few reports today to show you what you can do.

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Your Wines On Top: 3 Factors for Web Visibility

Your winery may be doing just fine on the web. After all, isn't your winery first when you type in your name on startpage.com?

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Marketing Oregon Wine: An Email is Just the Start

In 2016, a marketing email is just part of a wine promotion. Every wine offer needs email, social posts, content on your website, press coverage, and strategic advertising.

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Cornell Study: Yes Customer Service, No Tasting Notes

People Don't Want to be Told What They are Tasting! A Cornell University study has found that winery tasting rooms with tasting sheets that  include sensory descriptions sell significantly less wine. Download it HERE. In the study, winery tasting rooms alternated two sets of information sheets, one with sensory information, one without. Sales increased by 10%

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Mixed Results: Oregon Wine Holiday Website Sales

Oregon Winery Websites Sell More Wine, Strengthen Customer Relationships During the Holidays The holiday sales season of 2015 had mixed results for Oregon wineries. A record number of tasting room promotions, events, and wine dinners produced significant sales, reiterating the importance of face to face customer relations. While some wineries promoted their regular wine list for holiday

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Four Must-Read Reports on Oregon Wine Sales

Will You Sell More Wine in 2016?  Annual wine industry reports are out, showing past performance of the wine market and predicting future trends. How is your winery doing compared to your competitors? Here are recent articles and resources we've found useful in planning for  2016. 1. The Economic Impact of the Wine and Grape Industries on the

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