Arterberry Maresh

Jim Maresh - Old Roots Run Deep Meeting Jim Maresh is like meeting a slice of Oregon history. He is a force to be reckoned with, one of the pioneers of the Oregon wine industry since planting his first grapevines in 1970. Along the way, he profoundly influenced the direction of Oregon's future, helping protect

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Googlepocalypse, Wine Marketing News

Googlepocalypse Hits June 2015 Summer - wow - busy busy. Lots of opportunities to market in conjunction with associations, lots of event calendars. And most important, Google is officially penalizing sites that are not easy to use on a mobile device. A website redesign is no longer optional if your website is not easy to use

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TTB’s Restrictions on Wineries and Social Media

by Judy Parker, winemakerslawyer.com Before you jump on twitter or Facebook to talk about your favorite wines, make sure you’re compliant with the TTB’s restrictions on social media. Federal law prohibits advertisements of wine, spirits, and beer from deceiving consumers by using misleading statements (whether false or not) and requires that advertising contain adequate

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Seven Ways Oregon Wine Trumps CA: The Linfield Study

In seven categories, Oregon wine beats out California, says a Linfield College survey. The seven categories are: Hand crafted artisan wines Organic or sustainably made Small family farms Community/collaboration Value for price Uniqueness Quirkiness/independence In contrast, California scored higher than Oregon for: Mass produced wine Tradition Expensive wines Easy to find when I buy wine.

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Travel Oregon Seven Wonders Campaign and Your Winery

A major media program, the Travel Oregon Seven Wonders Campaign, was just announced. While they don't list Oregon wine country as one of the wonders (!!) you can use the advertising and resources of this campaign to promote your winery. If your winery is not near one of the seven wonders, the advertising push of

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Wine Industry 2014 Slideshow: Geek Alert!

All the charts and graphs you could ever want, and more. That's the Silicon Valley Bank's 2014 State of the Wine Industry 2014 Wine Report. I wrote about it last month and shared insights about Millennials, but I just came upon this slide show they made to go with the report. It separates out all

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Nine Must Read Wine Marketing Articles

So many articles, so little time. Here's a list with links of nine recently published articles in wine marketing that stand out for quality and relevance. Every one of them has something for Oregon winery owners and marketing managers. The Naked Winery Interview I wish I’d written this - I’ve been fascinated at Naked’s success

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Oregon wineries: Don’t Focus on Millennials – For Now

Silicon Valley Bank's annual Wine Industry Report is out and Oregon wineries will find the info on demographics enlightening. Maybe we don't have to twist our brains into a pretzel trying to figure out how to sell to the fickle Millennials. At least not quite yet. SVB debunks the popular notion that Millennials must be

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Number One Fix: Google Winery Visibility

The more places your winery is seen online, the more wine you sell. Showing up at the top for your own name and slight variations of it is a valuable tool in making sales online. Your name showing up at the top of search results is your Number One fix to increase your winery visibility

Five Incredibly Useful Tasting Room Resources

If you are like most Oregon wineries, you make the vast bulk of your profits from Tasting Room and Wine Club sales. We are always looking for resources for tasting room managers and winery owners to maximize sales and keep up with the trends in tasting room marketing across the country. Here are some incredibly useful

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