Giant 2014 Oregon Grape Harvest

"I'm leaving these grapes for the birds." "I have some beautiful grapes - do you want them?" "I bought three more stainless tanks and it's still not enough." Oregon is awash in grapes and the precious juice they produce. The Oregon wine harvest is HUGE.   Beautiful, gorgeous, perfect grapes and no where to put

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Wineries: Want a Big Fine? Use Volunteers

By Judy Parker, photo by Jean Yates The other day, Jean and I were talking about the upcoming 2014 harvest in Oregon. We were talking about horror stories in previous harvests -- last year's typhoon, the birds in 2009, the hail in 2005 -- when it struck me that the worst horror story is yet

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Oregon Tasting Room Entertainment

How do you keep a customer happy when the tasting room is full and there's a backlog of people waiting to get wine? If you are Trisaetum, you direct them to the art gallery, other wineries point to the view, but how about something that entertains, educates and sells more wine and merchandise? What's your

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Number One Fix: Google Winery Visibility

The more places your winery is seen online, the more wine you sell. Showing up at the top for your own name and slight variations of it is a valuable tool in making sales online. Your name showing up at the top of search results is your Number One fix to increase your winery visibility

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