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Great Oregon Vineyard Land Grab Actually Closeout Sale

Oregon vineyard purchases by Kendall Jackson, Ste. Michelle Estates, Precept Wine, Domaine Drouhin, and this week's purchase by Elk Cove Winery have led to speculation that the Oregon wine industry is going the way of California - large corporations buying up prime vineyards and forcing small wineries out of business. Pundits claim "we're on the

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Travel Oregon Seven Wonders Campaign and Your Winery

A major media program, the Travel Oregon Seven Wonders Campaign, was just announced. While they don't list Oregon wine country as one of the wonders (!!) you can use the advertising and resources of this campaign to promote your winery. If your winery is not near one of the seven wonders, the advertising push of

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Quail Run Vineyard

by Jean Yates This article was written in 2005 We want to show the quality of wines that can be made in Southern Oregon," says Don Moore, who with his wife Traute own and manage Quail Run-Griffin Creek Vineyards. "We want to show it to the entire nation." They got off on the right foot

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Wine Industry 2014 Slideshow: Geek Alert!

All the charts and graphs you could ever want, and more. That's the Silicon Valley Bank's 2014 State of the Wine Industry 2014 Wine Report. I wrote about it last month and shared insights about Millennials, but I just came upon this slide show they made to go with the report. It separates out all

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Nine Must Read Wine Marketing Articles

So many articles, so little time. Here's a list with links of nine recently published articles in wine marketing that stand out for quality and relevance. Every one of them has something for Oregon winery owners and marketing managers. The Naked Winery Interview I wish I’d written this - I’ve been fascinated at Naked’s success

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New Look for Your Winery Twitter Page

Twitter is rolling out a new look for your winery Twitter page, and it is very reminiscent of Facebook. Here's what I woke up to this morning - completely different from yesterday's format. What does your winery page look like? Twitter is rolling this out gradually so yours may not have changed, but if it

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Oregon Tasting Room Entertainment

How do you keep a customer happy when the tasting room is full and there's a backlog of people waiting to get wine? If you are Trisaetum, you direct them to the art gallery, other wineries point to the view, but how about something that entertains, educates and sells more wine and merchandise? What's your

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Oregon wineries: Don’t Focus on Millennials – For Now

Silicon Valley Bank's annual Wine Industry Report is out and Oregon wineries will find the info on demographics enlightening. Maybe we don't have to twist our brains into a pretzel trying to figure out how to sell to the fickle Millennials. At least not quite yet. SVB debunks the popular notion that Millennials must be

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Number One Fix: Google Winery Visibility

The more places your winery is seen online, the more wine you sell. Showing up at the top for your own name and slight variations of it is a valuable tool in making sales online. Your name showing up at the top of search results is your Number One fix to increase your winery visibility

New Product for Winery Tasting Room: Oregon Grapevines for Smoking

It's almost pruning time and time to prep a new product your tasting room this summer. Spare a row of cuttings and make bundles of grapevines or bags of chips for smoking meat - with a 100% profit margin. Might be a project for the kids to make some money. This is not a new

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