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TTB’s Restrictions on Wineries and Social Media

by Judy Parker, winemakerslawyer.com Before you jump on twitter or Facebook to talk about your favorite wines, make sure you’re compliant with the TTB’s restrictions on social media. Federal law prohibits advertisements of wine, spirits, and beer from deceiving consumers by using misleading statements (whether false or not) and requires that advertising contain adequate

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Maresh Red Barn from Knudsen Vineyard

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Wine Chemistry Workshop w/ Dr. Barry Gump

In the lull after Thanksgiving when the tasting room is quiet and the 2014 vintage is put to bed, here's a useful 1.5 day workshop on wine chemistry. It's in Roseburg and is taught by analytical chemist Dr. Barry Gump Everyone I've spoken to who has taken it says it's well worth the time. A

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Oregon Harvest 2014: Picking Grapes


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Chapter 24 Unveils New Dundee Tasting Room

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Giant 2014 Oregon Grape Harvest

"I'm leaving these grapes for the birds." "I have some beautiful grapes - do you want them?" "I bought three more stainless tanks and it's still not enough." Oregon is awash in grapes and the precious juice they produce. The Oregon wine harvest is HUGE.   Beautiful, gorgeous, perfect grapes and no where to put

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Wineries: Want a Big Fine? Use Volunteers

By Judy Parker, photo by Jean Yates The other day, Jean and I were talking about the upcoming 2014 harvest in Oregon. We were talking about horror stories in previous harvests -- last year's typhoon, the birds in 2009, the hail in 2005 -- when it struck me that the worst horror story is yet

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Dundee Hills Views from Maresh Vineyard

Northeast from Powell Hill Winery, located in the Maresh Vineyard.   Looking over the valley from the north side of Maresh Vineyard at dawn, July 2014. The building is their winery, the tasting room is further up the hill.

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Archery Summit Winemaker Chris Mazepink

The Wine Spectator Interview Here's a great interview of Chris Mazepink, General Manager and Winemaker at Archery Summit. He skyrocketed to this prestigious position via Benton Lane, Shea, and Lemelson wineries. His winemaking journey started at Oregon State University, where I had the pleasure of knowing him as a customer at Avalon Wine and as

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Seven Ways Oregon Wine Trumps CA: The Linfield Study

In seven categories, Oregon wine beats out California, says a Linfield College survey. The seven categories are: Hand crafted artisan wines Organic or sustainably made Small family farms Community/collaboration Value for price Uniqueness Quirkiness/independence In contrast, California scored higher than Oregon for: Mass produced wine Tradition Expensive wines Easy to find when I buy wine.

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