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Oregon Wineries: Avoid Expensive Employment Mistake

  Good friend of Oregon Wine Marketing and talented lawyer Judy Parker wrote this for our website. We are concerned that Oregon wineries might get into trouble by treating their tasting room employees like they are wait people (tipped servers) and fall afoul of Oregon Employee regulations. And as we know, that can be a

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2015 & 2013 Oregon Chardonnay Symposium

A recap of the 2013 and 2015 Oregon Chardonnay Symposia held at Stoller Family Winery. The 2015 Oregon Chardonnay Symposium After a week of sunny spring weather, a deluge of rain greeted the 4th annual Oregon Chardonnay Symposium.  Hosted by Stoller Family Estate, a soldout crowd of Chard enthusiasts filled the seminar tent to hear Raj

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Oregon Winery Annual Marketing Checkup

Annual Marketing Checkup Hire Us to: Identify Opportunities, Avoid Costly Mistakes Custom Consult & Report for Your Winery The Annual Marketing Checkup looks for ways to increase your direct digital sales. Your search visibility - mobile and web Your website and Google Your marketing email campaigns Your wine club compared to top five Your social

Swirling Gymnasts! Chapter 24 Tasting Room

Fire & Flood and Chapter 24 launched their new tasting room on a sunny Saturday afternoon in late November. A packed crowd enjoyed acrobats from the AWOL (Aerial Without Limits) dance collective swinging from the ceiling. Two of Portland's buzziest chefs,  Aaron Barnett of St. Jack PDX and Graham Chaney of Stammtisch, served little tastes

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$300 Oregon Pinot?

Bloomberg News recently opined on Chapter 24's two $300 Pinot noirs:  Double Zero Pinot noir Hyland Vineyard and Shea Vineyard, both from the 2012 vintage.  In an interview with Chapter 24 founder and high-profile wine entrepreneur Mark Tarlov, author Elin McCoy compared the wines' price to that of grand cru Burgundies. Mark Tarlov, owner of Chapter 24,

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Sample Photos: Website, Emails, E-Commerce

Examples of images created by Oregon Wine Marketing for website and email marketing.   Thanksgiving Email   Winery Email: 72 Hour Sale         Individual Wine Feature Email   Wine Email: Flash Sale     Spindrift Cellars Tasting Room Photo     Spindrift Cellars Wine Club membership holiday email     Holiday Gift

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Oregon Wine Walk of Fame Awards 2014

On Thursday, October 30th, 2014 winemakers from Oregon's Willamette Valley gathered to add fifteen people to the Oregon Wine Walk of Fame at Ponzi Vineyards' Dundee Bistro. Emceed by Maria Ponzi, the event recognized those who have significantly contributed to the success of the Oregon wine industry. The honorees received a plaque on the Dundee

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Bye Bye Twitter? Facebook for Businesses Reconsidered

Twitter is becoming less effective for business. Yes it still dominates the 24 hour news cycle for celebrities and trends like #halloween, #worldseries, #blueivy etc. Not so much for business anymore. The company is shedding employees, the top management is in turmoil, and the “instant” factor that made their business is being taken over by services like Instagram and Snapchat. So what are the alternatives for getting seen online?

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Holiday Wine Sales: When It’s Too Cold to Ship

Some wineries shut down after the big Thanksgiving weekend. If they can't ship, what can they sell? But there is a lot of money to be made between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It might be too late or cold to ship, but these three ideas are proven to work and have the added bonus of being popular with office staff and corporate gift purchasers. Sell one, sell 100, you don't ship until after the holiday and you get the money upfront.

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Googlepocalypse, Wine Marketing News

Googlepocalypse Hits June 2015 Summer - wow - busy busy. Lots of opportunities to market in conjunction with associations, lots of event calendars. And most important, Google is officially penalizing sites that are not easy to use on a mobile device. A website redesign is no longer optional if your website is not easy to use

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