Chapter-24-OO_Hyland-500pBloomberg News recently opined on Chapter 24’s two $300 Pinot noirs:  Double Zero Pinot noir Hyland Vineyard and Shea Vineyard, both from the 2012 vintage.  In an interview with Chapter 24 founder and high-profile wine entrepreneur Mark Tarlov, author Elin McCoy compared the wines’ price to that of grand cru Burgundies.

Mark Tarlov, owner of Chapter 24, has always gone outside the box in his approach to marketing his Oregon wines, as shown by the billboard (photo above) he recently put up on the north end of Dundee, Oregon, where his innovative tasting room is located.

at right, Double Zero Pinot noir Hyland Vineyard 2012 $300

Mark Tarlov responded to the Bloomberg article on his LinkedIn page.

He said:

‘It is all about poking: signaling that Oregon Pinot matters.”

“There is no absolute value in a wine to make it worth $300 but there is nothing that says an Oregon wine cannot be worth the same $300 that a Napa Cab fetches if the wines are in limited supply, are made with integrity and taste really, really good. It can be argued that Oregon Pinot noirs offer better value than similar, higher priced Pinots from regions with more established wineries.”

“A caveat – the 600 bottles of Double Zero Pinots are not made for profit. 50% of the proceeds from the 00 wines will be donated to two charities. It was not about us getting $300 but about folks feeling that there was value in an Oregon Pinot made in this style by this winery to pay the $300.”