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Sell More Wine.

Jean Yates Let me introduce myself. My name is Jean Yates and I founded Oregon Wine Marketing to help you sell more wine. To sell your wines through Tasting Room, Wine Club and online. Making direct sales and best profit.

So why hire me? For 26 years I sold Oregon wine from my shop Avalon Wine, helping talented winemakers gain visibility in Oregon and across the country. We sold millions of dollars of startups’ wine – direct to consumers the same way you do – via visitors to our tasting bar, members of our wine club, events, and online.

Here’s where I’m supposed to put all the fancy words about digital media and social networking and memes. All good things. But bottom line,  what’s most important is to know your customer and meet their needs, whatever it takes.

I want you to sell more wine at higher profit and I can help make it happen. Try me.

People are Saying

“Not long after founding Avalon Wines, Jean seized the dominant position in online commerce of Oregon wines and held that dominance over many years. She has an unparalleled command of the technology and a terrific sense of the creative community which supply her with products. She won near unanimous support and admiration among Oregon’s wine producers for her sensitive, fair and successful business practices. I am confident these attributes will insure the success of her new project.”

 - Doug Tunnell, Owner and Winemaker
Brick House Wine Company

“Jean is an amazing marketer, whether in person or online. She has singlehandedly done an incredible service for the Oregon wine industry by promoting our region and our wines.”

- Amy Wesselman
Executive Director International Pinot Noir celebration
Owner, Winemaker Westrey Wine Company

I consider Jean to be a colleague, service provider and partner. She has been a great supporter of all our brands and promoted our wines with integrity. Historically she has also offered great advice regarding our internet presence, e commerce and our brand image.

– James Cahill
Winemaker at Soter Vineyards

More Sales in Wine Shops

More Sales in Your Tasting Room

More Sales Online

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Small family farms
Value for price

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